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I'm the best, and baddest chick that you've ever known, unh Straight dissin' my flows like, cats be lickin' my toes, ohhs...

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Do you gotta girl, is she good to you I bet she won't, do the things that I'll do to you, yeah. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Can I be wit' you, can you be wit' me On the count of three, me and you, we can live romantically You're so fine I wanna make you mine, I wanna know I'm the best, and baddest chick that you've ever known, unh Straight dissin' my flows like, cats be lickin' my toes, ohhs Better back up, only sex ones who look stacked up Top that, we in the benz playa drop that, ain't nothin' free, hope you got that More Cristal now pop that, you got that?

What it be like, what the deal is Well where my man at, can you get with me Say you got the things that I need I need What's your name Cause you got game you wanna know Who I role wit', who I be wit' Who I'm down wit', do I like to do the nasty things that you do Chorus Release some tension Pray for, pray for intermission For me and you, you'll start to kissin' You'll see, what you've been missin' Release some tension, some of your tension Pray for, pray for intermission For me and you, you'll start to kissin' You'll see, what you've been missin' Mmmm Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist?

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The daring that drilled Erasures flap "Always" into the minds of the fabulous is things being what they are behind with a sequel.

Release Some Tension
  • Release Some Tension is the third studio album by American...
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  • Companies can request easement that allows them the correctly to smoke another's proprietary because of a infallible purpose.

  • Release Some Tension Lyrics: I'm the best and baddest chick that...

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Doesnt refer to me as his girlfriend but his better half?

Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Y'all sizin' me, all eyes on me, let you down easy like the Isleys And these dope rappers keep tryin' me, on GP cause I'm DP, And none of y'all broads can't see me, unhh.

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